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Well, since you put it out there… (Yeah, sorry, I added it to the reblogged original post and then realized that might not have been the best way to post fic.)


AU in which Darren works in some kind of phone store and Chris is one of his costumers, wanting to buy a new phone. Darren is so amazed by Chris that, when Chris doesn’t look, he puts his own number into Chris’ new phone and quickly notes Chris’ new number and well.. cuteness happens.

The guy walks through the door and all of Darren’s coworkers scatter. 

It’s not that he has a type, really - I mean, ‘pretty people’ doesn’t exactly count as a type. It’s just that they all recognize that look on Darren’s face. The way his scruffs his fingers through his hair, rubs a palm over his stubbled cheek, and then pats his hand on his thigh - it means he’s gearing up for more than just a sale. 

He has nothing but the friendliest of smiles on his face when he approaches, though. “Hi, I’m Darren. What can I help you with today?”

The guy holds up a phone with a cracked screen. “I think it died.” 

"Died?" Darren grins. "Not a natural death, I’m guessing?" 

The guy scrunches his face up and… well, fuck if that’s not downright adorable. “More like an assisted suicide.” 

Darren laughs. “Well, come on. Let me pull up your information in the computer and see if your insurance covers assisted suicide.” 

Darren already knows that the answer to that will be know, but he wants to know what to call this hottie. 

"Chris Colfer," the guy says. He proceeds to explain how the phone met it’s untimely demise thanks to owner clumsiness and a particularly vicious concrete curbside edge.

Darren taps the name into the tablet he’s holding and barely skims over the account data. “Okay, bad news is you’re not up for a contract renewal, but we can still probably swing you a discount. We can try and fix this one if you really want but the repair cost will probably match a new device.” 

"I think I’ll just get a new one," Chris says. He’s already looking around and Darren takes a moment to appreciate the sharp angle of his jaw. 

Yeah, he’s pretty sure he wants to suck this guy’s dick. 

"Did you have one in mind?" Darren asks. He’s actually pretty fucking good at his job and also prone to spastic behavior when he has nothing to occupy his mind, so as a result he’s read all of the product fact sheets about a dozen times. There isn’t much Chris could ask about any of these devices that Darren wouldn’t be able to answer. 

Chris does a have a few questions, and Darren does answer them. In the moments between when Chris is picking up a display model to look at it or reading over the device information on display Darren amuses himself other ways, like giving in to the visceral image of Chris pushing him against a wall or kissing the sweat-slick, flushed column of his neck. His eyes linger on a scar slightly reddish against pale, perfect skin and he wants to know the story behind it. His heart thumps a little faster and his blood rushes. 

In that moment he realizes he needs to change tactics. This is a little different, a little more than his usual hook-up attempt. Chris looks up and he’s about to ask something but Darren’s face must give him away just a little bit because Chris flounders, shuts his mouth and looks down with his cheeks pinkening. 

This fucker is even cute when he blushes. Bashful isn’t usually Darren’s thing, but it’s working and that Chris caught Darren eye-fucking him and didn’t step away or react with revulsion is definitely promising. 

He steps in closer, a little closer than he normally would. “You like that one?” 

Chris looks down at the phone in his hand. “Yeah - uh. Yeah, I think… this one.” 

"Awesome." Darren’s fingers brush over Chris’s when he takes it from him. "I’ll just ring this up. You want us to transfer your numbers and photos?" 

Chris thinks about it, then shakes his head. “No, I don’t think so. I’ll do it manually. I need to clean out my address book anyway.” 

"Sweet." Darren pretends that he’s not disappointed, because the data switch would have kept Chris around for a little while longer. "I’ll go grab that one for you." 

Chris puts the display model back on the stand and follows Darren, standing by the end of the counter while Darren disappears into the back. It really should only take a moment to grab a boxed up new phone but Darren is delayed by sudden inspiration. He opens a box and boots up the phone, glad that it has a little bit of juice in the battery already. The navigates to the contact list and then adds his name and number, standing against the wall and giving his best shit-eating grin while he snaps a contact photo to go with it. 

He slides his finger down and finds the place where he can add his own notes to the contact profile. His fingers fly across the letters and he types out: I’d hate myself if I let the most gorgeous guy I’ve ever seen walk away without my number.

He powers the phone back off and puts it neatly back into its box, and then into a store logo branded bag. On his way back ground he grabs a portable charged and drops it in, too. He’ll pay for it later with his own money but it’s worth it to sweeten his chances a little bit. 

"Here you go, Chris." Darren slides the bag over to him and then rings up the purchase. Their fingers touch again when Chris hands his debit card over, and this time he doesn’t look away. 
Their eyes meet and they both smile as Chris murmurs his thanks, and then he’s gone - giving Darren a fantastic view of his ass in those tight jeans on his way out. 

Darren is just sitting down on his lunch break when his phone buzzes in his pocket. The number is unfamiliar but the text puts an instant smile on his face. 

Most gorgeous guy you’ve ever seen? I think you must have me mistaken for some other guy you saw today, but I’m willing to capitalize on the mistake if you’re free for dinner some time.

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