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Sam in Window of Opportunity.

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Best friends forever

Billy Boyd & Dominic Monaghan

"You hear actors say how well they’ve bonded with people over the course of six or nine weeks, imagine being together for close to two years. It becomes an extension of your family. We’re very, very lucky people.” - Dominic



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Shhhh! (part four)
1.4k, Rated PG-13

Chris works at a library! And they’re both in high school! Three cheers for CHEESY AS FUCK AUs! 

AO3 for previous parts 

Chris’s parents aren’t the ‘sit him down for a talk’ types. They’d probably like to be, but Chris doesn’t give them much to go on. He’s perfected the art of the blank faced stare and has been known to practice selective mute-ism at his leisure. Usually, his parents just try to get the general message across that they’re trying to convey and then they leave him alone.

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Happy 25th Birthday, Joseph Michael Richter (July 31st, 1989)

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In which Ben Browder writes a story for an episode and gives himself a bunch of scenes with Claudia Black and it’s fantastic not just cause they’re good actors but because you never stop loving how Cam and Vala have an utterly different feel to them down to the bones than John and Aeryn did.

Even though both pairs are played by the same actors and are sci-fi with the woman not being from Earth.

Especially Claudia cause jeez, could Vala and Aeryn be any more different?

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Rating: NC-17 

Warnings: barebacking, rimming, facefucking, lacy underwear (is that even a warning?)

[AO3] 1.4k

It doesn’t take too much for Chris to find out about what Darren was hiding in that bottom drawer, under all of his regular underwear.

He’s just looking for a clean pair of boxers to wear after his got completely ruined the night before and there it was, a various assortment of lacy, colorful underwear. With the exception of a black pair. 

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Let me preface this with: I don’t write fanfic. I read tons of it. But I’m generally really bad at writing fiction. I also don’t generally do RPF. I read some, because I can see the people being treated as characters and I know it’s not real but too many people don’t.

And, yet, at 1 o’clock in the morning last night, this stupid little idea would not leave my head and I had to write it out.

It’s Chris/Darren, AU, PG, 311 words.

Be kind.

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Followed by OtterCon. 

Which only lasts 40 minutes. 


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