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River otters at the Zoological & Botanical Garden in Ichikawa, Japan

omg the last one he pops up ahjfskghfagskjfkhdjs ahahaha

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"Otters have a skin flap that forms a pocket so they can keep their favorite rock with them. They use this rock to break open mollusks when eating. Some otters go their entire lives carrying the same rock!” source

"Otters have a skin flap that forms a pocket so they can keep their favorite rock with them. They use this rock to break open mollusks when eating. Some otters go their entire lives carrying the same rock!” source

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting to live in a world of your own making; you don’t need proof to enjoy the idea of something. What you believe or don’t believe is entirely up to you and no one can touch that. The personal lives of celebrities belong to the celebrities themselves. Your imagining or interpretation of those personal lives belongs to you, and the same goes to the fantasies of people that ship said celebrity with other people.  You don’t need validation or approval of other fans for that, and you don’t need to bully or harass them when they don’t give it to you. 

And if other people are dicks to you based on what you like or want/wish/hope/think to be true, that sucks. Like, it can suck a lot. An inbox full of nasty anons has definitely had me on the verge of walking away more than once. But the best response to that kind of attitude is just to drown them out with sheer obnoxious, unobtrusive enjoyment of what makes you happy. 

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Anonymous → how can you write something so cute and amazing without them even talking? you are wonderful! but i was actually going to ask if you will continuing "shhhh!" i just love your crisscolfer writing. hope you have a nice sunday.

Oh, anon, thank you!!

And writing more of/potentially finishing Shhh! is my goal for tonight! So, if you don’t see more posting more by tomorrow, come harass me about it. 

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Anonymous → Can Yadiva, Alittledizzy, Kbvibes, JudeAraya, Savvymavvy, and co. just write the scripts for season six? We can pick 13 of them and give them a week each!



We could take up a collection?  Pay their salaries?  Add Nellie12 to the mix and we’ve got a plan!  Let’s doooooooooo this!!!

I in no way, shape, or form belong in this grouping, but you, sweet Anon, are now my favorite Anon.

(Insert far overused Hunger Games “I volunteer!” gif here)

Would people watch Glee if it just aired straight on redtube? Because if Mav and I wrote it, I’m pretty sure that would be the only suitable place for it to go. 

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Fill for prompt 41 from the cc daily prompt tumblr:

Glee never existed. Struck By Lightning is a cheap indie movie with a small budget. Struggling actor Darren is cast.

Chris/Darren, PG. 1.3k. 

"The writer is an asshole," the casting intern tells Darren. 

"You’ll do great," the makeup girl says. "Just watch out for the writer. He can be kind of a jerk." 

"He’s brilliant," Darren’s agent responds when Darren asks about it. "Just… stay out of his way." 

"If we’re lucky he won’t even show up," the kraft services guy says. "He always complains if there isn’t Diet Coke. Like, I’m supposed to pull that stuff out of my ass?" 

"He’s… different," the AD says, an almost tender smile on her face. "He’s prickly, don’t get me wrong. But he’s had a rough time. He doesn’t mask it well when he’s stressed." 

"You know he made the first guy that got cast cry, right? That’s why the last minute recast, " the lighting guy says, then pounds Darren on the back slightly harder than necessary. "But i’m sure you’ll do great, kid." 

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