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Anonymous → When you say Julia do you mean Julia Albain also did you go to the backstage tours for the Starkid summer season if so what day?

Yep, that’s who I mean, and no, sadly. I wish trips to Chicago to see them were even remotely in my budget. I haven’t seen any Starkid shows besides the thing they did at LeakyCon Portland in 2013. 

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letsgoforacoffee → Have you ever kissed someone goodbye terrified that you'd never see them again?

I’ve kissed people goodbye and wondered if I’d ever seen them again, but I don’t think it’s ever been that drastic of a thought to me. 

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froggydarren → Have you ever chickened out of something and then regretted it?

My instinct is to say yes, because who hasn’t? But I can’t actually think of any specific examples. 

Oh, wait, thought of one. So: yes. 

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Anonymous → Have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of a celebrity?

I am aware of my social ineptitude so I generally try and avoid situations where I would set myself up for that. 

I was pretty embarrassed over actually being introduced to Julia and still freezing up, but that has less to do with awestruck because celebrity and more to do with person who is not actually a big celebrity, just someone I’d love to know but am not cool enough to actually make friends with. And that kind of embarrassment happens to me frequently, so. 

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wi22iou → Have you ever wanted to pack up all your stuff and move across the country?

Every day. 

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raspberryblainers → Have you ever dance on a bar?

Noooo. No one needs to see that. Ever. 

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a-wonderful-waste-of-life → Have you kissed someone because you were drunk?:)

Yes. Oh… man. Yes. 

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