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Maggie talks to Chris Colfer

Let the Klaine and CrissColfer tears ensue

oh god.

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More pictures here!

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everettmicheles asked: 6 or 9 gifs of crisscolfer

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Let’s Have A Ball


I originally started writing this for Becca, who wanted a CrissColfer fic based on this video. But it also fit today’s theme for CC Week (First Meeting AU), so I decided to finally finish it.

Chris has never seen anything like it before.

Well, that’s not entirely true—he was a little kid, once, and generic birthday parties and McDonalds just weren’t the same without ball pits. But it’s been a decent amount of years since he’s seen one, and he’s certainly never seen one set up on Venice Boulevard (in fact, it shouldn’t be weird, because it’s in Venice and Chris has certainly seen stranger).

"Take a seat and make a friend," Ashley reads out loud from the banner stretched above it. "Huh."

"Who would do that?" Chris asks, because it’s absolutely empty right now. "Can you imagine how many people have sat in there? Or slept in there?”

"Well. This is Venice," Ashley agrees, and both of them watch as a shirtless man covered in silver paint skates by blowing bubbles. "Or maybe everyone thinks the same thing as you, and so no one’s even touched it."

"Didn’t they get rid of ball pits because they were like incredibly unsanitary?"

"Probably, and Chuck E. Cheese never suffered a greater loss. Seriously, when was the last time you were in a ball pit?"

"I can’t even remember, it’s been that long.”

"Shut it, baby, you’re making me feel old."

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